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Social Media 'Wimbledon' Lesson

Social Media ‘Wimbledon’ Lesson

Recently the twittersphere came alive following a young 21-year-old lady’s post asking ‘Is Wimbledon always held in London?’ The furore that erupted was intense and ultimately resulted in her deleting her twitter account as reported in the media. So what was all the fuss about? Aren’t we constantly told ‘there’s no such thing as a...
What's the big deal about Social Media?

What’s the big deal about Social Media?

I know we’ve probably touched on this subject before at AdviserHead but it’s a question I get asked about all the time. The easiest way I can explain it is like this: In the old days (and by this I mean the really, really old days) there was a club that started called Toastmasters and their whole raison...
Understanding the potential of Social Media

Understanding the potential of Social Media

Now some of you may think I’m being ridiculous but believe me when I say there are business owners out there that still struggle with how and why social media could be good for their businesses. Many really don’t see why they should give it a go, let alone know where to begin. So let...
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