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What is FoFA?

What is FoFA?

In Australia, FoFA stands for Future of Financial Advice reforms. In 2010, the Government decided that they would turn their minds to putting in place new laws that would help the general public to feel confident about obtaining financial advice. Their impression was the general public had a lack of trust and confidence in the...
What's the real public perception of financial planning?

What’s the real public perception of financial planning?

I’ve often wondered what we can do about why some people think that financial planning businesses are evil or fraudulent. Since when did making a profit become illegal or amoral? The Financial Services Reform Act has been in effect since March 2002 and there have been many changes since then. That’s over a decade of...
What's the future of FOFA?

What’s the future of FOFA?

Just when we were hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the latest from Canberra seems to be confusing the issue for the industry and the general public even more. The feedback AdviserHead is getting highlights that not only are people in financial planning getting sick of all the indecision and changes but...

Melbourne planner tells Shorten of opt-in impact | Money Management

Here’s an article about the ‘opt-in’ debate that’s currently being discussed as part of the Government’s Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) reforms. For those of you new to financial planning, it could be a good start for you to develop an understanding of what’s being proposed and the various views being expressed on the potential...
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