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Unemployment tidal wave?

Unemployment tidal wave?

A recent headline in our local newspaper caught my eye proclaiming Australian’s are heading for a ‘tidal wave’ of unemployment in the next two years.  The article was written by Bianca Hartge-Hazelman from The Age and quoted some eminent finance industry experts on what the next few years could be like for us. Naturally my head started...
It's 2014, so would you hire you?

It’s 2014, so would you hire you?

It’s only my second day of 2014 back at work and already I’ve had some really amazing conversations with people looking for jobs. Essentially they’ve been about people feeling really frustrated with the process of applying for jobs and dealing with recruiters or hiring managers. The issues seem to be largely about a lack of response...
Are assessment centres just like 'The Hunger Games'?

Are assessment centres just like ‘The Hunger Games’?

I saw the latest instalment from ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise recently and I was struck with an amazing thought. I couldn’t believe how similar it was to the recruitment technique we call ‘assessment centres’. For those who haven’t seen the movies, in essence people get selected to ‘compete’ in a tournament to the death and the...
'People Skills' are the key to success as a financial planner

‘People Skills’ are the key to success as a financial planner

There’s definitely a common theme to the questions I get asked when I meet people thinking about becoming financial planners or advisers: How can I become a successful Planner? What studies should I do to be a successful Planner? I have the required Diploma of Financial Planning but why can’t I get a job in...
Things change and evolve

Things change and evolve

Nothing stays the same for very long these days and I’m glad to say that AdviserHead is no different. We’ve been working on lots of things behind the scenes including building new services, partnerships and expanding our expertise. All in the name of being able to offer you more support and guidance as you explore your career,...

More AdviserHead

AdviserHead is now more than just a website resource for general information. We’re continuing to develop what we do and are busily working on some big plans for the future that I believe will make a real difference to people looking at working in the Financial Planning industry. To kick things off though, I thought you’d like...
Avoid harming your career

Avoid harming your career

After working in recruitment and human resources for many years I can certainly relate to the pointers in this recent article. Speaking from experience, it’s true that what seems like a fantastic opportunity to good to refuse turns out to be much less attractive in the long run. I’ve had many hiring managers calling me very...
Can being 'rejected' have a positive effect?

Can being ‘rejected’ have a positive effect?

We all know that recruiters don’t get it right 100% of the time. We also know that many employers and recruiter use your past performance or behaviours as an indicator or predictor of your future choices. So if a candidate is ‘rejected’, can this ever be a positive experience? Naturally everyone hopes when they submit...

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