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Things change and evolve

Things change and evolve

Nothing stays the same for very long these days and I’m glad to say that AdviserHead is no different. We’ve been working on lots of things behind the scenes including building new services, partnerships and expanding our expertise. All in the name of being able to offer you more support and guidance as you explore your career,...
Finally getting things sorted

Finally getting things sorted

Hooray, I’ve got the website back up and running. Nasty malware, hosting issues and a limited amount of time and IT knowledge on my part, had all kept me locked out for a while. It’s taken considerable wrangling and effort behind the scenes but things are finally on the mend. The funny part is the...
What is FoFA?

What is FoFA?

In Australia, FoFA stands for Future of Financial Advice reforms. In 2010, the Government decided that they would turn their minds to putting in place new laws that would help the general public to feel confident about obtaining financial advice. Their impression was the general public had a lack of trust and confidence in the...
FOFA - The never ending rollercoaster

FOFA – The never ending rollercoaster

At AdviserHead we’re probably feeling much like many others in the financial planning industry. Its a bit disheartening that, after all this time, the Government still hasn’t managed to bring clarity and confidence to the financial planning industry in terms of the reforms they’re trying to introduce. The debate continues to rage about how the Government should...
Shorten and FOFA reforms - Are we there yet?

Shorten and FOFA reforms – Are we there yet?

It seems everyone will be waiting a bit longer for any sort of outcome in the governments review of the Future of Financial Advice changes. Despite ASIC’s Shadow Shopping revealing that some financial planners still have a way to go in terms of delivering quality financial advice to their clients, I would think that reviewing 64...
What's the future of FOFA?

What’s the future of FOFA?

Just when we were hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the latest from Canberra seems to be confusing the issue for the industry and the general public even more. The feedback AdviserHead is getting highlights that not only are people in financial planning getting sick of all the indecision and changes but...
FOFA 'Opt-In': Protecting Clients or Frustrating Them?

FOFA ‘Opt-In’: Protecting Clients or Frustrating Them?

The debate is still raging about what is or isn’t needed to improve our financial planning industry and help clients to feel more confident. Here AdviserHead will offer a couple of interesting points of view. Firstly, with my consumer/client hat on. In this guise I have a real problem with being annoyed by my Financial Adviser every...
Financial Planners and Compliance

Financial Planners and Compliance

Lately I’ve been speaking with a lot of people who are new to Financial Planning and I’ve noticed a bit of a theme to their questions. Basically they’re trying to understand the issues of compliance so an AdviserHead post was born. Whilst these people may have learnt the fundamentals of compliance during their studies, they still have...
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