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Can being 'rejected' have a positive effect?

Can being ‘rejected’ have a positive effect?

We all know that recruiters don’t get it right 100% of the time. We also know that many employers and recruiter use your past performance or behaviours as an indicator or predictor of your future choices. So if a candidate is ‘rejected’, can this ever be a positive experience? Naturally everyone hopes when they submit...
Women and Financial Planning

Women and Financial Planning

Yes we all recently acknowledged International Women’s Day earlier this month, but we think it should be something thought about much more often than once a year. This is why today’sĀ AdviserHeadĀ instalment is going to post two questions about women and financial planning. 1. Do we have enough women in the financial planning industry as a...
Testing Times for Financial Advisers & Planners

Testing Times for Financial Advisers & Planners

If you’ve been in the financial planning industry for a few years, you’ll no doubt be very familiar with the rising occurrence of technical and psychometric testing that you can be asked to complete when changing licensees. For other professions, this kind of pre-employment testing has been around for many decades however, for the financial...

Broaden your financial planning knowledge

Another thing I’ve learnt over the years recruiting financial planners is now that people can do their qualifications through universities, they seem to actually know LESS about the industry. Before financial planning qualifications were offered in Universities, finding out about what a financial planner does and how to become one meant that people had to...
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