Why I do what I do?

I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve had times when I’ve struggled to get my next job. I’ve been frustrated by not getting honest and useful information from employers or recruitment agencies. I never want to do that to people. For me, I do what I do because I respect people as real people with real lives, real families, real concerns, real ambitions and real bills to pay. I love people telling me I’m nothing like any other Recruiter they’ve ever dealt with – to me that’s my ‘badge of honour’ and I wear it with pride!

So I created AdviserHead as a resource for people to access for either quick advice or personalised support from me about their career and being a Financial Planner or Financial Adviser in Australia.

There are 2 parts to AdviserHead.

  • General Information

If you’re looking for something I haven’t already covered in a previous post, feel free email through what you’re interested in and I’ll look to include it in a future post. You can also send your suggestions and feedback to me directly via Twitter and Facebook or simply use the email feature below.

  • Champion Services

For some people, their needs will be far greater and this is where AdviserHead can also help. You can contact me anytime and we can discuss how we can work together on a tailored program for your needs such as:

      • One-on-One mentoring
      • Key Note presentations
      • Team Workshops & training
      • Talent sourcing & recruitment services
      • Business coaching & strategic advice

If you need any help, I’m here so get in contact with me and let’s work on getting things moving!

Please ‘share’ AdviserHead with your peers and friends. Building a useful resource and helping as many people as possible with their career endeavours is what I’m here to do so your feedback and ‘shares’ are vital.

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Thank you for your support and encouragement