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Recently the twittersphere came alive following a young 21-year-old lady’s post asking ‘Is Wimbledon always held in London?’

The furore that erupted was intense and ultimately resulted in her deleting her twitter account as reported in the media.

So what was all the fuss about? Aren’t we constantly told ‘there’s no such thing as a silly question’?

It seemed to me that a wave of people made an assumption that her question was proof of her stupidity and somehow this made her ‘free game’ for their ridicule and derision.

But was this really the case? Haven’t we all had an occasion when something we’ve written has been misinterpreted? Haven’t we ever used satire or asked a rhetorical question? It’s not that easy to know what she actually meant by the question, yet that didn’t stop anyone from sharing their criticism.

As one journalist, Paul Lewis, rightly pointed out in his response, Wimbledon has indeed been held in a location other than London before 1965.

So I’m left wondering, who is more ignorant in this saga? The girl for questioning or all the ridiculers for not questioning that Wimbledon has ever been in a different location?

I guess we’ll never know the answer to this but for me, I’d like to think that there are thousands of people out there now who have learnt an answer they’ll never forget on a Trivia night.

Thank you @Georgia_Ford. Your single question has taught us three (3) valuable lessons:

  • don’t stop questioning things;
  • never take the power of social media for granted; and
  • don’t be hasty in your condemnation of others.



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